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FIFA 16 Video – Gameplay Official Trailer From the E3 Conference

The footage for this FIFA 16 Official Trailer is captured from the game FIFA 16, so is this official trailer created. This official trailer is about the Gameplay of the whole new FIFA 16 game. EA SPORTS worked hard last year to develop this game, taking in mind suggestions from loyal players. Soon you will get the opportunity to test the FIFA 16 game to admire the gameplay, this will be available as the FIFA 16 Demo. Ronaldo and Messi will be characters to be chosen. E3 make an announcements, in form of E3 news, and will post E3 videos about news and previews for new video games. Gaming sensation will be main topic.

Captured from EA Sports, FIFA 16 Goalkeepers have been completely rewritten with over 50 new save animations, improved AI and a new, realistic player model.

FIFA 16 will be available on following platforms:
Xbox One, PS4 and PC powered by the EA SPORTS IGNITE Engine. Also available on Xbox 360, PS3 and other platforms.

Release date is scheduled on the 23rd of September 2015 in North America, 25th of September 2015 in Europe and 26th of September 2015 UK.

With over 600 new emotional reactions, players now respond to big moments on the pitch as they would in real life. Each player has an attitude or feeling towards every teammate and opponent on the pitch. Bad tackles, missed chances and crucial goals – all 22 players on the pitch will react naturally based on what’s been happening during the match…

Facial expressions and body language will let you experience the attitudes and emotion of your favourite players.

Let’s looking forward to fifa 16, and keep your mind in fifa 16 service, we are trying our best to get fresh fifa 16 news for our loyal readers.


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