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FIFA 16 Price Ranges Guess

So we probably now all know that the Coin glitch on PS and PC is no longer working, then what would be the point of having Price Ranges on FIFA 16?

FIFA 16 Price Ranges Guess

Not to mention the ugly taxes that ruin everything called ” Profit “. If you think about it , Right now buying a non extinct players, holds with it a 80% Chance that he will never sell, and if he does its more than 500% Loss.

Take as an example Di Maria, a player on the PC Console who went for 3m and more, is now not selling for Minimum, imagine the huge amount of people who lost on him, and still will. Why Would i go and buy a TOTY Di Maria off the market knowing in 1 week time he’ll go down more and more per week. Whats the point of having price ranges if they only go down.

When you implement an idea as of Price range you should either edit it randomly according to the market Daily, or just dont do it , This is a market, EA has no right to control a free market as of FIFA, i understand the Max Price, but whats the point of it on FIFA 16 with all the Glitches gone.


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