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FIFA 16 Weekly Goals’ Video

Through official Youtube channel EA has released a video containing the most beautiful goal of the week he scored from fans of FIFA 16. Here we show. Advertisements

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FIFA: Valencia Femenino International Tournament

The best footballers in the world play FIFA 16 with the same spirit and the same determination that fielding. Below is a video with the highlights of the Player of … Continue reading

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About FUT TOTW 6 Predictions

Sixth TOTW Prediction for FUT16 has started. Next, I’ll reveal the 11/18 selections correctly predicted from the official side. This weeks star player is none other than Neymar, who was … Continue reading

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Why Numerous Fans Expect FIFA 16

As you know, FIFA 16 launches in North America on September 22. And there are already numerous fans can not wait, including seasoned FIFA player and a lot of being … Continue reading

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A Wider Price Range Will Appear In The FUT 16

Price Ranges is a ever controversial topic, since it relates to the direct interests of FIFA Coins buyers and sellers. In a world, Price Ranges as an idea were sound, … Continue reading

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Awesome New FIFA 16 Video

EA Sports is ramping up marketing and promotion for the FIFA 16. Check out this new TV commercial for EA’s upcoming professional soccer game. Bryant has acknowledged that he likes … Continue reading

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Top 10 FIFA 16 Players

When FIFA 16 releases on September 22, FIFA released a list of the ten strongest and most physical players in the game on Saturday. Alongside the new CenturyLink Field and … Continue reading

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FIFA 16: Brazilian teams To Join

Good News! Brazilian teams, authentic crests and club names, will be available in FIFA 16. At launch, the Brazilian teams will appear with authentic crests and kits. Updated player names … Continue reading

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FIFA 16 Female Player Ratings: Top 20

You must remember the wonderful performance of female players in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Well, who is the best female player according to FIFA 16 player ratings? These are … Continue reading

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FIFA 16: How To Perform The New Skills

As a FIFA fans, you must know the importance of skill. Utilizing skill moves is a great way to beat defenders in FIFA 16. Well, how to perform the new … Continue reading

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